Art is a fundamental expression of life because it embodies the Spirit. When I work I lose myself . I am immersed in my inner music like a dancer in the movement. Since my first explorations in the world of art I felt that it was crucial to express the unpredictable unique experience of "moments" in materiality. Moments are ephemeral movements.

These are important images, insights that are building a “movie”.

I play in both informal and abstract art which matches my own life paradigm.

“Colors materialize mental categories, so they allow the possibility of the world to be known”(Goethe) and abstraction is the attempt to express the truth of our own perception unbound by its symbols.

Abstraction is an event deeply linked to reality. It means to dig so deeply in the facts until all details are lost.

To make abstract art sometimes can be a painful process because it can be the mad research of an essence, a meaning hidden behind appearance.

The abstract gesture to me is the story of a transformation: clay bodies, lines, colors and energy are the means for the creation of a psycho magic act that tells us about the alchemy of life.

In my ceramic practice I have tried many techniques and diverse theoretical approaches because the technical decisions of the choice of clay type and firings are very important, sometimes hidden tools for the final communication. Every clay in its own nature brings a meaning and a diversity, similarly, a different building technique or firing. These are part of the ceramist's “palette”.

The practice of making functional pottery between bursts of inspired creativity helps me refresh, renew and recharge. It provides a peaceful link between the changes and contracts and tensions of creating.

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